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Choro do Neckar is a collective of musicians from Heidelberg, Germany, that revives the great names of the Brazilian and universal musical genre of choro.

Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim, Ernesto Nazareth and other "bambas" of Choro are transferred to classical instruments such as violin and cello, and the arrangements of Choro do Neckar show the bridges between Europe and Brazil at the origin of this genre.

Through the canonical instruments of the choro, pandeiro, guitar and cavaquinho, combined with the flute, the European-influenced melodies get the familiar swing: syncopated, tropical and exuberant.

On stage, Choro do Neckar brings the elegance and splendor of this music to the audience in a performance that is as intimate as it is rousing.

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Choro Do Neckar

By Choro Do neckar

From Choro do Neckar, released May 7, 2023

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